Monday, 20 August 2012

Weed Walk

Being the hebal lover that I am I decided to (finally) got round to taking photos of the herbs around where I live. There are field minutes from my house, & myself and my brother walk the family dog there everyday. One of the books I read about Druidry says about getting to know your local area, so everyday I have been making a mental notes of the plants, herbs, trees and flowers I have seen on my travels, then I'd begin to deduce what they could be. I've been doing this for months not, walking the same route & noting my findings and I have identified (hopefully correctly) a fair few herbs. 

First off (one of my proudest finds) is this Yarrow plant =) It grows on a sloping bank beside the pavement, I can't express how pleased I was to find this feisty little herb.

And here (along with my finger, opps) is some of her sisters, on closer inspection the slope had more yarrow plants then I first thought.

Next to some steps that lead to the road you cross to enters the fields, I found (today in fact) this little pact of Eye Bright (I know the picture isn't the best, I used the camera on my phones & it can be a little hit and miss) 

Here some Common Cat's Ear on the beginning of the foot path

Some Ragwort amongst the Nettles (she is abundance here Ol' Nettle)

Here is a view of the field, littered with Queen Anne's Lace and Cat's Ear

This is a view of one of the pathways, up there are some Elder trees, I have plans when Lady Elder's lush berries are ripped in the Autumn 

Here's some Agrimony 

Some Hogsweed,  it's almost all died back minus a few flower head bunches

Clover, the ground is covered in the stuff, the Red Clover too

Fireweed, this one was a tricky one to figure out

Mr Crow, there is nearly always are least one crow on the path way, crows always have so much to say

Plantain or Ribwort, I took some seeds heads ( and a dandelion puff) and scattered them in the garden, I'm going to do it to a few other herbs when they're ready to set seed, step one to apothecary garden heehee!

This is a big patch of Nettle just before you exit the path, they leaves are shivered & heavy with little green seeds, when autumn round in the seed can be harvested =)

So that's my weed walk, there a  alot of other plants but I have not yet identified them & I do love the challenge!

Green Blessings with Love & Light