Saturday, 2 June 2012


So the Full moon is almost here & if you're a sensitive soul like myself, you'll be feeling it affect, most of you probably feel energizer but me...I'm the opposite, I feel empowered & energizer during the waning & dark moon (mebbe I have a croney soul heehee) Anywho...So I'm going through the motion, feeling exhausted, frustrated, irritable and...paddling in the negative kiddie's pool (don't ask where I got that analogy from it sounded awesome in my head) I said doubting myself, second guessing myself & ignore my intuition...I know, I know bad Raven...
 Anyway each week I've started to draw a card from my Harmony Angels tarot deck for a little guided for the week ahead, this week I got Angel Raphael I thought "Oh perfect, master healer & patron of healers!" (I've started doing research and study into herbal medicine) .The card also prompts you to heal yourself! So Friday rolls around & the negative mood shift comes in and I'm quetioning my whole choice in herbal medicine, comparing myself to other & the whole "Am I good enough?" comes into play, so I'm posting my uplifting & positive post (I like to make people smile ^-^) and one of the pages Angel Messages comes up in my newsfeed with it's daily Angel's Message and the messaged was...
(¯`'•.¸ //(*_*)\\ ¸.•'´¯)
*`• .…* * *… •´*...


Now For that last few days I've been drawn to the colour green, I happens to me every so often when I become so attracted to a colour I can't ignore it & I changed my desktop theme & Facebook to match the colour...So I see this message & I'm like "Wow..." Then! about 20 minutes later this beautiful image of the Goddess Pele

appears in my feed & all of a sudden I get a flash back from a dream the night before, a group of young girls were talking about Pele, so I rush to Google to look her up and on a friend's blog page Kitchen Witch : School of Natural Witchery I find the article " Pele - She Who Shapes The Sacred Land"...So I read this wonderful post and near the end is this..."Pele reminds us to believe in ourselves, to be who we are, who we want to be, to acknowledge our connection to the Divine and therefore to understand and accept the Goddess within."....At that moment my heart did a little somersault & I smiled thinking. "Okay Spirit...I get it, I'm on the right track...Thank you"

Love & Light

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  1. How awesome - I love it when something like that happens and when I read your post I got goosebumps and all sorts of happy for you ......... Big Sis x