Tuesday, 15 May 2012

I've come so far...

I have to admit, I've been having a hard time since the Super Moon. I get effected by the moon as it is but when I found out that it was a Super Moon and also in my moon sign (Scorpio) I thought "Uh oh I'm in for a rough ride". I could feel it, my mood & positive mind set slowly on the declined as the moon began to wane. Then this weekend BAM! I was knocked flat on my arse with a bombardment of intense emotions, old hurts & wounds began to surface and the tears came and flooded...but then it passed because I released it was all part of the healing process, in fact I had dreamt it, that I was going have my inside turn up & inside out all the dark & negative would surface to be touched, felt & healed. Dark Night of The Soul. Two years ago I would of turned complete inward & been consumed by the negative thoughts, my mind would be a choir of endless chatter "You're not good enough" "You're useless". But not this time, because now I don't fear the dark places as much as I did, I'm not blinded by my emotions or deafen by the chattering ego. No, I'm stronger then I was two years ago and I know myself better and I have The Goddess. When the day came when I decided to pursue my path, I knew it was the beginning of transformation, that it would be long & difficult at times but it would be worth it for self discovery & creation. And that day I began to rise and the muddy bud was born...And what have I learned?...To trust myself, one of my biggest hurdles, I'm always second-guessing myself & turning to others but I shouldn't...I know...I'm working on it...honestly =P This little raven...I think...is stretching her wings...not yet ready to fly but she's aware of them...only time will tell when she'll be able to fly again

Love & Light~

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