Wednesday, 14 November 2012

When Spirit & Cerridwen when told me that I'm a Druid

If you read me previous blog then you'll know about Cerridwen giving me two symbols (The Spiral & Triquetra) and how I managed to figure out what each symbol meant; the spiral for the Wise Woman Tradition of Healing & The Triquetra for the Ovate path of Druidism...Anywho, I've had trouble with sleeping & meditation because I kept 'hearing' things, noises only I could hear & it was beginning to effect my sleep, I got some advice from some friend in one of my online groups, telling me about grounding, centring my energies and shielding (being an Empath I should of being doing this away but I'm such a scatter brain!!) So I thought I'd find myself a nice guided meditation to help me relax & sleep. Somehow I ended up on OBOD website again & started reading there section on 'Druidry & Meditation' & on there page are two audio mp3 guided meditations, 'Clothed with Flowers - A Journey to the World of the Ovates' caught my attention right away. So I plugged in my headphones, settles & listened. In the meditation you are lead into a forest clearing with a pool, it's night time, & you're watching an Ovate holding up herbs to the moonlight to be blessed, then she lays them on the ground to be blessed by Mother Earth. The Ovate then recited a charm over the herbs & it was with this charm that realization hit me like a truck. Now when Spirit sends me messages the thing it is trying to convey comes in threes, like I will see an animal three times or see a number three times during that day, always threes. In the charm the Ovate says 3 things that immediately caught my attention; Vervain, Elder & Cerridwen. Vervain is Cerridwen most sacred herb, Elder is a tree I most resonantly with also one I connect with the Crone aspect of the Goddess (Cerridwen being a Crone goddess) and Cerridwen herself, my patron Goddess. Then I heard that little voice of intuition 'You're an Ovate'...I was moved to tear, it felt as if I had found something long lost about myself, something that had always been their but I never had noticed it...It's funny, it was Druids that had leaded me to my path in the first place & even when I look back, they'd had always been part of me & my life. Even when I was very young my favourite Disney movie was 'The Sword in The Stone', I adore Merlin, Arthurian Legend & stories, Stonehenge, Iron age Britain, all of it an invisible figure in the background, guiding me, and now I've come full circle.
 Don't get me wrong I loved being a Witch but it always felt like something was missing & I was always saying to myself "am I this kind of Witch or this kind or this?" Like a piece of the puzzle as missing.
When I went back to the Ovate part of OBOD to re-read it I came across this..."The Ovate seems, in many ways, to conform to the type of person most people would describe as a Witch"....No wonder it took me this long to figure out I thought haha
 I could not express how wonderful it felt & how if all feel into place perfectly in line with the New/Dark Moon in Scorpio, I was super pumped by it all I feel super charged during the Dark Moon & that it as in my moon sign too, SUPER CHARGED! New moon, new focus on my path =) I am so very blessed

With Love, Light & Green Blessings ☽/|\☾


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