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Those that Dwell Within Me: The Chakra Beasts

In a previous post I mentioned Airmed, the chakra beast that dwells in my heart chakra & as promised I said I would explain what these 'chakra beasts are'

Some times in the beginning of last years I read a book called Active Dreaming: Journeying Beyond Self-Limitation to a Life of Wild Freedom. Now this book wasn't what I thought it would be, at that time I was (and still am) on a quest to be able to understand & interpret my dreams. Anyway, there was an exercise in this this about exploring your chakras to see what lives there. This caught my interested & decided to try it, now I'm not great at meditation, I need music or one that guided to help me focus, I came across a quote that describes my mind (and my dreams) very adeptly "my thoughts are like stars I can't fathom into constellations".
I decided to take it slow so I looked up some music to help aid my meditation & found this. So while listening to this, each chakra has it's own music which lasts roughly 2 mins, and on each chakra I focused on it's corresponding colour. I did this for about a week, then I moved on to "looking" what was there, you have to approach this with a completely open mind or otherwise your ego will interfere & 'place' things there which aren't really meant to be there which defeats the whole purpose. So I cleared my mind & begin the meditation, I focused on the chakra colour like I always did also I held the intention to "see" what was there. The book says that everything can be there, an apple, a lush forest, an animal, anything. When I first did this I only saw the faces of each animal from each chakra, a stag in my root, a tigress in my sacrel, a blue phoenix in my solar plexus, a white wolf in my heart, a snowy owl in my throat, a raven in my third eye & a white spider in my crown. Over the coming months, once a week, I did this meditation with the intention of getting to know each of these animals, these chakra beats as I later dubbed them & build a relationship with them. Slowly bit by bit I saw more & more of there bodies, eventually learning each of their names & their plain which that lived. Each animal has it's own energy & personality, they each reflect parts on me. Now I will go into detail about each animal starting with the root chakra...

Sol, The Druid Stag

Sol is a huge & magnificent red stag, his antlers are vast & looks like branches of a tree, with vines & oak leaves hanging from them. He has a triquetra (or trinity knot) on his third eye. His fur has spirals that inter-connect. When you are in Sol's presents it is like being with a druid from ancient times, he oozes wisdom, calms, all the traits of the archetype Druid. He lived in the heart of a lush, dense forest, the sun shafts through the gaps in the canopy of the wood. My Kundalini lives here too, she's a long white elegant snake, that loved to wrap herself around me & rest her head on my shoulder or crown.

Aoi, The Colour Changing Tigress

Aoi is a beautiful tigress with pale blue eyes, when we first met she was white, then on another visit she was golden & then on another visit she was orange. At first things were very awkward between us, she felt like a stranger to me yet had something familiar about her, but over time out relationship grew & now she feels like a sister too me and is now always orange. When I am around Aoi I am very much aware of my inner tigress, I feel sleek & feminine and am reminded that I am very much a woman. Aoi lives in an Indian style room, everything is orange & copper, there is a long curvy couch covered with tons of scatter cushions, the table in front of the couch has a vase of calendula flowers  & sandalwood incense is burning. Behind the couch is a large round pool with lotus in it, Aoi loves to bathe in it. On the wall in front of the couch is a arch doorway which is covered with midnight blue curtains, what behind these curtains? I do not know, I haven't yet been able to pass through or even look, but my guess is that I'm not ready yet. to the right of the couch is a high round hole which used to be a window. On one of my visits Aoi had giving me a golden ankh shaped scepter & with it I smashed this window, the glass became water droplet & disappeared. What it revealed was a lovely path of green grass lined with marigolds, the path seems to go on forever.

Fyral, The Blue Phoenix

Fyral is a towering blue phoenix, the tips of his wings, plumes & feather are blue fire but feel like running water to the touch. Poor Fyral is not very sure of himself & needs alot of love and encouragement, I have yet to see him fly. When I first saw Fyrals home, it was the ruins of a temple (Greek I believe), with a fire pit near the back wall, at this time the fire was very small. After a few visits I decided that I would repair the temple, so with Fyrals help, we fed this little fire until it became the size of a bonfire. Now with this fire & my will I began to rebuild, I fixed the columns, the stones steps, and the floor. I made the roof glass to you can see the Sun, the strange thing is that you can see Father Sun through the roof but when you look out from the temple it is always night with a waning crescent moon & thousands of stars. The stones steps lead down to a gravel path lined with two fields of sunflowers.

Airmid, Wolf of my Heart

Airmid is a beautiful white wolf with amber eyes, she's always happy too see me. Her fur is so soft & comforting. She lives in a vast & lush field of white flowers that resides next to Sol's forest. We chase each other through the flowers, roll around & cuddle, and then we go the spot where where is a blanket & picnic basket where we sit & have lavender tea. I feel closest to Airmid, I feel that she's always by my side (she accompany me in other meditation or inner soul journeying) She (along with Grandmother Cerridwen) is the first I turn to for comfort in my time of despair, just one hug from her & all the pain & sadness is gone.

Archimedes, The Shy Owl

I took me a long time to learn Archimedes name, his was the last name I learnt in fact. When we first met he was incredibly shy, hiding his face & dare not look at me, but over time he warms up to me, with a little help from his favourite snack, wild berries. Archimedes is a lovely snowy owl, a little smaller then average. I lives in a high tower with pinks roses trailing up the front to the window in which he sits. The tower has a hedgerow made up of berry bushes (blueberry, raspberry, blackberry etc). At first they were tall hawthorns, but changed into berry bushes as our relationship built. Beneath the bushes are forget-me-nots, my favourite flowers. When I visit Archimedes he flies down from is perch, lands on my arms & nuzzles me affectionately, then I go along the berry bushes picking berries & feeding him.

Thaine, The Rune Raven

Thaine is a wise & proud black raven. Over his left eye in silver he has the eye of Thoth (it's the same as the Eye of Horus but of the left instead of the right). He wheres a talisman which has a Norse rune, and each time I visit the runes is different. Thaine lives in an ancient oak tree & when you climb up you'll find piles & piles of old books amongst the branches. Thaine remind of Merlin from The Sword in The Stone, he very wise & feel bothered by everyone, he likes his solitude. Thaine is a teacher, but won't make it easy for you, like loves using symbols & riddles, just like my Grandmother Cerridwen, but once you cracked the code, you are rewarded with invaluable wisdom. On one of my visit Thaine perched on the branched next to my head & touched my third eye with his beak, then I could feel the Eye of Thoth being drawn over my left eye.

The White Spider Goddess

White Spider Goddess is The Divine, The Goddess. At first she was a huge white spider that sat on a giant lotus flower, but over time she slowly revealed herself to me, she dresses in a white kimono & has long white hair which she wears part down & part up held in place with a traditional Japanese hair decoration, she reminds me of Kuan Yin. He lotus flower sit in the middle of a pond filled with lotuses & koi fish with a little bridge leading over the pond to her louts flower, the wall are covered in web dripping with dew which look like glistening gems, and when you look up at the ceiling you find yourself looking out into the heart of the Universe. It is very humbling to be in her presences & awe inspiring, she beams light & peace. She has a kind face & always look and smiles warmly at me, like a mother to her child. I once caressed a petal of her lotus, it was soft & warm and made me think of the womb.

So there you go, those are my Chakra Beasts, and Implore you do go & find what dwells with your chakras, you will find and discover much about yourself & it'll bring you great healing.

With Love, Light & Green Blessings


Raven Dreamer

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  1. Beautiful read and in great detail. I could see it all myself! ^_^