Monday, 19 August 2013

Busy Little Dreamer

It been awhile since I last wrote a blog, over 2 months in face, but hey I only write them when I feel inspired. In these last few months I've been doing alot on inner work, rituals, journeying, healing work, exploring, making my inner sacred space my base of operations. I've met more animal spirit guides (I have 7 now) & even saw my patron goddess Ceridwen again. But first I'm doing to pick up from my last journey I shared with you, the one where I was in La Loba's cave.

  On the last full moon (July) I did a small (internal) ritual to the Faeries & Ceridwen asking for help with manifesting something, the fae had been around me alot that week as I thought to ask them for assistance & Ceridwen is a goddess of manifestation. After all was down & I had given my thanks, I found myself in the sacred pool that in the forest behind my sacred cabin, then the scene jumped & I was in the ocean, then in La Loba's cave. All my animal guides were with the addition of a white snake (I think she is my Kundalini). I dressed in my black shaman robe & wearing my spirit blanket, I had my bag & a simple folk staff. It was a clear night & the moon was full. So off we set into the desert, the white snake was drape over my shoulder, her head perched atop mine, I was carrying Luis (red panda), Eir (she-raven) flew over head, Isis (black she-wolf) was on my right, Airmid (white she-wolf) on my left, both slightly ahead of my & Selenus (brown she-bear) was behind me. I had the impression that I was searching for bones, La Loba is a bone collector. After we walked a good while we came across a set of deer bones, I knelt beside them letting my face hover over them & I began to chant, I chanted to call forth Awen, and as I chanted the bones began to come to life, flesh covering bone until a mighty red stag stood before me. I stood up & stroked his muzzle asking his name to which he replied "Rohan", he bowed his head & rested his forehead to mine.

  That is the story of Rohan, another of my guides. But the newest addition to my animal guides is a she-lynx named Erma. Erma strolled & I mean stroll into my life a couple nights ago. I had been seeing lynxs all week, & it isn't the first time,  didn't think too much over it, I just took it as a sign from Great Spirit to look into her medicine & heed the lessons she brings, the last thing I expected walk for a lynx to stroll into my sacred cabin. See the thing about lynx is you cannot chose to work with her, she chooses you. So you can imagine my surprise at her arrival. She walked in through the open door & sat herself right in front of me. She looked at me & I at her & from time to time it was as if our spirit switched bodies & I was looking at myself through her eye & I could see her spirit looking back at me from my own body. It was an odd experience. When we were back in our own body I felt the urge to give her a gift, I pulled from my belt pouch a rutilated quartz on a leather thong which I hung around her neck. The scene skipped & I found myself crossing the river to the Shamanic Dreamworld. When I reached the other side Eir was on my shoulder & Erma was sat by my side, before stood a majestic oak forest. We entered & found ourselves in a grove with a stone circle with an altar. Upon the altar I gave an offering connected to me, a place a raven's feather, my spirit stone moss agate & a lit my healing smudge which is made from pine, cedar & rosemary, and lastly I left my personal seal in blood. I did a kind of dedication to myself, reaffirming my path & who I am, I said things that came from my heart & spirit, strong, assuring things. When I was finished Ceridwen appeared, I was beaming, I told her how happy I was to see her & how thankful I was for the gifts she had given me when first we met. She smiled her warm smile & placed her thumb over my third eye, I knelt before her & closed my eyes, accepting whatever gift she was giving me. When I opened my eyes I was sat on the floor of my cabin looking back at Erma.

In my inner landscape I have discovered 2 forest groves, one of pine & one of rowan. The pine forest is a place I go to contemplate, it is always midnight there & the floor is littered with fly agaric mushrooms. The rowan grove is a place of healing, I go there to recharge & be nurtured. It is either sunrise or sunset (something I have noted in my inner sacred place, it is always a betwixt time), the tree have coppery & golden leaves, autumn tones & dripping with red berries. In the centre of these place is a tree stump where I sit.

  The night before I met Erma, I was sat in my pine forest, thinking about Wild Woman & my own wildness. Eir was on my left shoulder & Luis on my right. Isis, the black she-wolf approached me. Isis came into myself when I asked to become connected to my Wild Mother, she is the wildness in every woman, she is own inner voice of intuition, and when I asked this Isis the black she-wolf appeared & she told me that she was my connecting to her. I rested my forehead to her's and asked her to help me embrace my wildish nature. Isis stepped back & looked towards the forest as if to say "run with me". My green robe became became primitive skins, a halter top & skirt, much more suited for running, and off we ran. My heart began to quicken & a feeling overtook, a pure simple joy that comes from simply running, a feeling I remember from once years ago, when I was running up & down a hallway just to see have fast I could go before turning & running back up the hall again. Eir & Luis followed in the branches above & I could see Airmid & Isis running up ahead of me. We ran until we came to the end of the pine forest, the sun was setting, the skies decorated with pinks & oranges. The end off the pine forest lead down a slope towards the river that was the gateway to the Shamanic Dreamworld. Then I noticed something, my body was covered in green energy, coiling & snaking around my legs, arms, body & head. When I looked closer the energy coils looks like ivy & I could intuitive feel that they were channels. The ivy then printed on my skin like pale brown scars or faded henna but I could still feel them. I knelt and touched the earth & I could feel the energy being drawn in through my fingertips. When I rose to my feet I saw a Druid's Temple on a hill opposite the pine forest, my spirit animals gathered around me & I knew that had to go there. I was now in my green robe & holding my staff. The Temple itself was a mix of Stonehenge & The Druid's Temple in Ilton, Somerset. It consisted of 13 stones. There was an altar stone where I left an offering, raven's feather, one of my healing smudge sticks, herbs of elder-flower, mugwort, juniper, lavender, and a halved apple & blossom. Also I buried a silver coin at the base of the altar stone. I knelt on the earth and gave my thanks, to all the goddess I called upon (Ceridwen, Branwen, Artemis, Corventia, Airmid, Nemetona & Gaea) I thanked them individually, I thanked them for their gifts both personal one & those given to mankind. I asked them for some personal things I won't mention here, but they are thing to help me help others, not just people, animal, plant & mineral too.

  So there you have it, my eventful 2 months since my last blog, I have also done some healing work & come up with an entire ritual which I hope to one day do in the outer world.

Green Blessings /|\

Raven Dreamer

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