Wednesday, 11 September 2013

My relationship to the Crone

Out of the 3 aspects of the triple goddess I have always been drawn to the Crone. I hold great respect to each of her aspects, but nothing hold me with such fascination, inspiration & magick like the Crone. She has been with me through out my whole life. 
  I remember having a conversation with my mum some time ago about how I acted growing up. As an infant I was quiet & observant (something never change heehee) I was always watching. I was a bright child for my age, I could already write my name, count to 10 & knew the alphabet before I started even school. 
 To begin with I was a very confident child, always wanting to express myself, but alas this was not taken well by my teacher & I was often pushed to the back of the class, and slowly the confidence faded away as I grew older. My mum went on to tell me about one of my old school reports & this sentence has stuck with me ever since "Emma does not relate well to her peers", my mum told me about how I would seek out adults to talk to, rather then play with kids my age. Adults gave me the intellectual stimuli that I wanted. I'm still very much the same today, I seek out wisdom and love learning, and the Crone is the very embodiment of wisdom. 

  If you have read my previous blogs then you'll know that my patron goddess is Cerridwen, a Celtic/Welsh Crone goddess, she was present when I first came into my spirituality, she was one of the first goddesses I researched, and she is also the only goddess who has visited me. She was the one whom put me on my path & continues to guide me to this day. I affectionately called her "Grandmother", I not really sure why or when I started to call her that but I do, I never knew my grandmothers they both passed before I was born, and it has left a kind void in my life, and I think this is another reason I am drawn to the Crone, for I have longed for that Grandmother to Granddaughter relationship. 

One of the gift of Cerridwen was a spiral, the symbol of the Wisewoman tradition. This is the healing tradition of our foremother. This is the description by the founder Susun Weed:
The Wisewoman tradition is a spiral
The symbol of the Wise Woman tradition is a spiral.

A spiral is a cycle as it moves through time.A spiral is movement around and beyond a circle, always returning to itself, but never at exactly the same place. Spirals never repeat themselves.
The symbol of the Wise Woman tradition is the spiral.The spiral is the bubbling cauldron.The spiral is the curl of the wave.The spiral is the lift of the wind.The spiral is the whirlpool of water.The spiral is the umbilical cord.The spiral is the great serpent.The spiral is the path of the earth.The spiral is the twist of the helix.The spiral is the spin of our galaxy. The spiral is the soft guts.The spiral is the labyrinth.The spiral is the womb-moon-tide mobius pull.The spiral is your individual life.The spiral is the passage between worlds: birth passing into death passing into birth.The path of enlightenment is the spiral dance of bliss.
The symbol of the Wise Woman Tradition is a spiral.Twelve is the number of established order.One step beyond is thirteen, the wild card, the indivisible prime, the number of change.Walk a spiral, you will inevitably come to the unique next step, the unknown, the thirteenth step, the opportunity for change, the window of transformation.The thirteenth step creates the spiral

 Another pattern I have notice this that I have alot of "Crone" things in my spiritual life. my power animal is a Raven named Eir (I adore her), raven of course being a animal of the Otherworld which is the Crone's domain, my spirit & guardian tree is Elder, the wise old hedgerow shrub that scattered across England, she is wonderful companion if you put the effort in to forming a relationship with her. Another thing is that I feel more at peace yet powerful when the moon is a waning crescent & dark, and I prefer the darker part of the year; Mabon, Samhuinn & the Alban Arthuan (Winter Solstice) being my favourite Sabbats. 
   I've always like dark things; old bones & skulls fascinate me (animals & people), most people would just see icky dry bones, but me I see a story left over from a time gone by & a memory of a person. I love archaeology & history, folklore and legends. Museums & libraries are second best place nexts to being out in Nature for me.

So yes, the Crone is a very important figure in my life & she always will be, she give me this overwhelming feeling that I cannot put into words, so I will depart leaving these words written by Rae Beth from her book Hedgewitch (it's on the wishlist heehee):

I call upon the Crone, Old Wisewoman, she who brings true vision.
She is wise in the ways of all creatures and knows roots, herbs, 
all healing, whatever may be needed. She sees patterns
and dreams in the glowing logs, in steam that rise from the Cauldron,
and in quiet waters. She can foretell, forewarn and guide.
In her, we see and understand, we bring the story to
it's rightful end, and we gain wisdom

Green Blessings /|\


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