Thursday, 8 March 2012

Fairy Shrine =)

Merry meet all & welcome back =)

Today I went on a little trek over the field near my house,  seeing as my path is nature-based it's only natural to want to being in Nature as much as possible. Yesterday my younger brother today me that he had found an Angel statute, so on our daily dog walk he took me down to the part of the field which he found it. The area was littered with discard item found in any garden, broken pots, hedge trimmings & branches. Laying face down in the mud was the mentioned statue, we picked it up, setting her up right. She was covered in mud & something in my told me to clean her up & make her comfy. Our dog is rather old so he can't walk as much as he used to so I told my brother that'll we'll return tomorrow. When I went to bed I ask Father Sky to give me some sunshine so I could enjoy Mother Gaia's beauty and sure enough I awoke the next more so beautiful sunshine, despite the chill to the air, you think it was a normal Summer's day! So I packed a few things, my penknife to help scrap of the mud, some water, some broken crackers I thought to give to the birds & some biscuits as an offering. (I would of given some wild flowers too but I couldn't find any). And so we walk back to the little muddy statue & I set to work returning her to somewhat of her former self, I scraped off clumps of dirt, small embedded stones & grass before washing her off and bit by bit I found out that in fact she was not an Angel but a Faery. When I was done we set her against the tree that was near. The tree has lot of low branches & ivy hugging it's trunk, I thought it would be ideal for when it's leaves return she will become hidden. I left the biscuits on one of the lower branches & stepped back to snapped this photo and so my Faery Shrine was born. I thinking adding some more items & offering. Also taking more longer walks, it just so lovely to be out in the fresh air, walking on Mother Earth and feeling her pulse run through the land because you never know what you might just stumble across. ;)

With Love & Light



  1. She's beautiful!!! What a find! :)))) Love love love this :))))) I see she's found a perfect home with you <3

  2. What luck! I can honestly admit to being jealous...
    Very nice post!