Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Struggle into the World

I must admit, I almost went backwards today, I slept terrible and then read an email that made me slip back into old thinking pattern, I break down in a flood of tears panicking thinking the world was going to end. My mum then sat me down set everything straight (like she always does) and told me not to go backward now when I have come so far. She then told me this "Your birth was very long & very hard, your spine was rubbing against mine making the birth painful & difficult for you to pass, but then all by yourself you turned yourself the right way with no help from the doctors or nurse, you did it all by yourself & you struggles your way into the world".  The more I thought about it the more it rang true, for a long time I did struggle & kept struggling, slowly but surely moving forward, and the thought brought me back to the lotus flower. I am the muddy bud, I wriggled & struggled out of mud & into the pond. My Mum always said that I am a late bloomer & that when I fully blossom, I shall by beautiful & bright, that I will light up others. 
 I'm very grateful for my mum, both my parents. They never push me to be something but gentle guided and supported me in all that I did, all they every wanted for me and my sibling is to be happy. So thank you Mum for today and all the other days and all the days to come, I'm so lucky to have a mum who loves and cares like you do, you make me proud to be your daughter and I'll try to give you at least one grandchild ;) I love you Mum, you truly are the best <3

With Love & Light


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  1. You are a stronger, more beautiful person because of your struggles...
    I love your blog and look forward to future posts!