Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Okay so here goes, I'm not too good with this, um, talking thing but here we go...
Hello my name is Raven, the name is a gift from my mother & has been my second name since I was a teenager. You're probably wondering how I got the name of the blog, right? Well everyone knows the story of the lotus flower, it starts out in the murky depth of the pond, a pursed little bud, that slowly makes it way to the surface to blossom in a vision of purity & beauty. Yes, well I'm the muddy bud, I've come out of the "mud" & but haven't surfaced and blossomed and that is what my blog will be about, my journey to "blossoming" *exhales* Phew okay I think I'm doing good with this blogging thing, but I digress. 
I was in the "mud" for a long time & only recently have come out of it, the surface seems like a long way ahead but I can see the sunshine at least, so I think I'm on the right track =P. One of the things that helped me escape the mud ( besides my amazing other half) was discovering that I was a Witch. It was one of those funny light bulb moment that make you go "AH-HA!". Also it was like I had discovered a part of myself that had been asleep, it was truely wonderful. I had always felt that I was alittle different from everyone else, in the way I thought & saw the world anyway. It occurred when I was looking into Druidry funny enough, I had just finished reading an Arthurian trilogy by Bernard Cornwell (I adore books on Celtic/Iron Age). Somehow on my search for knowledge on Druids I came across a page on Wicca, what caught my ear was the pentacle on top of the article. I have been drawn to the pentacle pretty much the whole of my life but never knew why, as I began to read the article I was awe-struck, it was as if someone had been reading my mind, & thus the light bulb illuminated. I slapped my hand on the desk ( not really 'cause that would hurt) it all made sense & I thought to myself "I must learn more". So a began looking for a book to help me beginning to practise my Craft & I found "The Ultimate Book of Shadows for The New Generation Solitary Witch" by Raven SilverWolf (It was her name that drew me in, heehee) I have to admit it took me a year to read that book, I kept picking it up & putting it down when I got "muddy", but when I had finished I was satisfy that this was right for me. I noticed changes in me, my negative thoughts lessened, I noticed & felt more in touch with Mother Nature, I began to listen to the bird, notice leaved & berries of the trees and the flowers on the ground, I could "feel" the Earth & her energies(I had always "felt" thing but could never put a finger on it until now), my outlook had changed. That was the beginning of my path, but I haven't truly found my feet, I just know that I am a Witch & for now that good enough for me and I will do my best to live up to that, but I will continue on this journey of self-discovery, I must admit I don't know the way all I know is that someday I will blossom =)

With Love, Light & Blessings

Raven ~<3


  1. Very well done,, I love your page, and your energy is just so sweet,, "light bulb moments" hmmm,,, you are friends with someone I am friends with, *wink* I love the lotus flower and really did not know the muddy version of it,, I say job well done

  2. I love having those 'lightbulb' moments - welcome to the world of the blog .... love bunni x x x

  3. Merry Meet sweetie :)))) So happy you have decided to do this! :))) Your page is beautiful and you did such a wonderful job with the first post. Big Hugs :)))))))