Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Goddess & Me

I watched a wonderful documentary last night, the first part of three called "Divine Women" This first part was call "When God was a Girl". Historian Bettany Hughes goes back to the beginning of time and visits the world's oldest religious site to find startling evidence that women were part of the very birth of organised religion. The earliest known religious site, Gobekli Tepe in south-east Turkey, which predates Stonehenge by 7,000 years, had an arresting figurine of a woman – either giving birth or being penetrated – at the heart of the temple, suggesting that the first gods were, in fact, goddesses.

So this got me thinking about my beliefs...Now I've never been a religious person but I've always believe in an Afterlife, otherworldly beings such as ghost & spirits & a life creating entity. The older I got the more I explored, balanced is important to me in all aspect, mebbe it's to do with the fact I'm a Librain? And because of this fact monolithic religions never made any sense to me. A man created all living beings...alone? It never sat right with me, to me one cannot be without the other, yes is it the woman whom carry & gives birth to life but in order to create you need a man's seed. So when that fateful came when a certain pentacle on a page caught my eye leading me to go on & read about Wicca...the great "AH-HA!" moment came & it have felt like I had come home to myself, at least a part of it =)

So onto the Goddess, well, to me there is a Great Mother Goddess as there is a Great Father God and all the gods & goddess are aspects of the great two. Together they are the Spirit, the life force of the Universe.
 To me the Goddess is gentle, loving & nurturing but at the same time she is powerful & fearsome, one not to be trifled with.The Morrigan springs to mind at that, she was one of the first aspects of the Goddess I was drawn too since I have always admire powerful women. Airmid is the other aspect I am drawn too, being the goddess of wortcunng (herbal knowledge) and leechcraft (herbal healing), I adore herbs and I reveal in any little tit-bit of information about them whether it be healing, magick or cooking, I even used to watch a TV show called "The Herbs" when I was a child, heehee. I love how once I find these gods & goddesses it'e like they're always been with me and they seem almost familiar in a sense, like I've recovered from some kind of amnesia and remembered who they are.

With Love & Light


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  1. I didn't know you were a librarian :))))) Loveeee the library :))))) Very nicely done. I want to go watch the show you watched! Your blog is beautiful too :)))) Love and Blessings