Tuesday, 23 April 2013

My Plant Spirit Primrose

Currently I am reading through a book called 'Plant Spirit Medicine' by Eliot Cowan, it is a wonderful book & as soon as I started reading it I knew this would be something I want to adopt into my Ovate studies. In his book Cowan talk about contacting the spirits of plant, just like you would the spirit of animal or person and you use that plant's medicine to heal. About a week ago I was looking up some more info' online about the subject when I came across this article about plant totem, I've seen it before but I didn't bothering reading it, well I was bothered this time! Near the end of the article it asks you a series of questions to help you figure out what you're totem plant, just like if you were figuring out an animal totem. The whole time I was reading one word kept on repeating in my head "primrose" over & over. I sat & thought about it for awhile, turning the possibility over in my mind. I thought back to a section in Plant Spirit Medicine where it say about decide which plant you'd like to visit in the Shaman Dreamworld, primrose was the first to come to mind. Prior to my shock that I had a couple week back I had been very drawn to primrose, I even had the plant oracle card on my altar a mere days before the shock had happened & it's stay with me through the day when everything was up in the air.
Primrose is also connected to Grandmother Cerridwen who is my patron goddess & is one of the herbs mentioned in my favourite meditation 'Clothed with Flowers'. But still I had my doubts, so last night after all my thanks to the gods I spoke to the spirit of primrose, I asked her that if you are truly my plant totem please give me a sign, a sign that I will know for sure that it is from you telling me that you are my plant totem. So today I step outside for my daily walk & for some reason I look over into my neighbor's front garden, and lo and before there was a bunches of creamy yellow primroses, I smiled to myself and said okay primrose I'm convinced, you are my plant spirit

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  1. Oh my goodness, that flower is absolutely beautiful!!!

    Oh . . . and thank you for posting about that book, for it sounds like a book in which I'd really enjoy reading.