Sunday, 28 April 2013

Rediscovering the Raven, Branwen's return

Wow-wee today been a killer for me, I woke up very stressed out after having one of my tidal wave dreams, so stressed  that I awoke with a tension headache, emotionally it's been a rough month for me and me I'm the kind of person whom bottles it all up because I don't want to worry those I care for, even me mentioning it here is a great effort for me. Anywho the stress got so bad that I was shaking, eventually my partner came home from work & I broke down and told him about the dream and what I was feeling, and he set me straight (like he always does, love my Ryan sooooo much) and I calmed down.

So I went to my facebook page I run to do my daily update & answer any questions or messages from members, well one member had asked about how they're go about finding there (Native American) Birth totem, so off I went on my google search & came across a page I felt had sufficient info. After I had passed on the links I decided to look at my own birth totem which is
Raven/Crow, I was looking down the list of correspondences when the stone mentioned caught my attention, the stone being Azurite, so off to google I go again searching for pictures of the fore mentioned stone & what I found took me by surprise, the stone caused my soul to reach out, I felt a stir within me that said "I need this", this is not an ego desire, but a soul desire. I was taken aback even more when I saw the bead *gasp* oh my gods the beads, the beads look like little mother earths.
I was stunned, so I decided to look into the metaphysical & healing properties, again I was blown away, the properties were for things I need help with, balancing certain chakra, aid in intuition, psychic work, Divine connecting, the list goes on. So I started looking at jewellery, do decide the best place to wear it, as I looked  
this ring caught my attention, it was the feather that had really caught my eye so I went to look at the information regarding the ring, the remind was made to honour the goddess Branwen, curious I decided to look into Branwen and went to my favourite goddess info page Order White Moon, I found her section and began to read and once again I was blown away with what I found, Branwen is the goddess of empathy, healing love & prophecy. This is what hit home for me...
Branwen’s great heart filled with love, associates Her strongly with the Heart Chakra.  In my own work I have found Branwen to be steady and gentle in Her assistance to help us open in love.  When opening to Branwen’s love, we are healed by Its vast power.  Love has the power to heal and Branwen is quite gentle in taking our emotional wounds and wiping our tears away.

More subtly, it is through Branwen’s great love that we see Her empathy.  So many today, myself included, struggle at times wondering at the purpose of empaths.  Overwhelmed, we grow angry at our gift and call it a curse.  It is at these times that the Great Empath Branwen is crying with us.  She feels our pain as Her own.  Filled with compassion, She feels sorrow at our sadness.  It is here that Her love greatly heals and teaches us.  A purpose of empathy is to grow in love.  When we experience the energy of emotions and allow our hearts to open, we can flow through the sorrows around us without being overwhelmed.  And yet Branwen does not ask us to open to the maelstrom of the world around us either.  She beseeches us to respect our limitations and use our empathic gift of love wisely.  Branwen can teach us how to set boundaries healthfully while allowing our love to be expressed freely, shielding us from taking on too much.  Master of the intricate layers we each have, She is ever willing to gently help arrange them optimally so that each time we grow a little closer to seeing empathy as a healer’s gift and not the curse of the weak society portrays it as."
Artwork by Emily Brunner

I myself am an empath and healer (I'm still discovering what form). My heart chakra is my most powerful chakra (along with my 3rd eye), my heart energy centre, it is where my strength comes from. I struggle with my gift, not as much as I used too but I slip up every now & then, today being one of those day, so Branwen is a gods send, but what made me smile is the fact that this isn't the first time she's come to me, right in the very beginning when I had first come into my spiritualism, she (as well as Ceridwen) were one of the first gods that made themselves known to me, and then (like Ceridwen) I forgot about her until today and I am overwhelmed by her return, it like being reunited with a long lost relative. And here's the icying on the cake her name means 'Blessed (or white) Raven'.

Green Blessings /|\


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